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Hubert Restaurant- Sydney's Parisian La La Land

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Expect the unexpected when walking through the tall wooden doors of the Hubert Restaurant. A little gem tucked away in the basement of a busy concrete jungle, in Sydney’s CBD. The perfect excuse, to escape the norm, into a fantasy time capsule, taking you back to a 1930’s Parisian La La Land. A top-notch find to satisfy your midnight food craving much like it did mine, a rarity in Sydney!

Walking down an elegant curved staircase you are instantly surrounded by glass panels of vintage all sorts, bourbons, whiskeys and wines anticipating what awaits beneath the two-part flight of wooden stairs. Once you reach the bottom stairs, you enter into a romantic setting greeted by friendly, well presented staff to take you to your spontaneous table, and yes, they do serve bar food and drinks at that ungodly hour.

Divided into three parts, the choice is yours for the taking from a cozy cocktail bar to the right, or main centre staged candle-lit table and chair through the room. There are also intimate booths to do it on the solo or when impressing a date, (you’re welcome). If you are dining with a group, the theatre room to the back works a treat for a more private occasion.

I was ushered to my candle- lit table close to the centre stage, too late however to experience the live jazz band to my misfortune! However, the stellar wine list cheered me up instantly although given the time of the evening I opted for my favourite cocktail a Dirty Martini, the Ketel kind, they don’t stock Belvedere vodka.

To start off with, I was offered a wonderful bowl of roasted caramelised almonds and another with perfectly oiled olives to settle the stomach as I browsed through the menu dreaming of the steak and fries “Medium to well done please,” I ordered from the polite gentlemen serving me at my table.

A quick turnaround as the warm fries, were served crispy with salt and herbs melting in my mouth and the steak was the perfect filler to my hunger pains. A classic Dirty Martini in hand, accompanied by their tender steak and fries you cannot go wrong. Suddenly, it was time to order dessert, my favourite part of the night. A temptation I could not resist browsing through the menu, I was instantly seduced by the signature recommendation, the Vacherin. A Sauterness ice cream, meringue, served with a honeycomb and lemon mandarin. The moment the night paused from my first bite as a volcanic delight exploded in my mouth, and the contrast sweet and citric flavours collided to form the perfect dessert that was delightfully unexpected.

To add a touch of charm to the evening to my already fabulous experience, my candle-lit table was the epitome of a dreamland magnifying the mystical setting as I enjoyed my weak creamy cappuccino served on the side, no decaf, but I survived.

Don’t get me wrong, in order to enjoy the privilege one must dig deep, presented with an all class $148.00 bill, it was no surprise quality does come at a cost but, worth every penny, I say.

The vintage jazz music in the background a definite chamomile remedy to add to the experience, although gutted I did not get the first-hand bragging rights to the live jazz entertainment band I had been told about.

Hubert, derived from the German meaning “bright heart” is no contrary to sensory exploration of the five senses you will discover from beginning to end dining experience.

You won’t find much of a giveaway online, other than the cute banana shaped business cards at the venue itself. The suspense made it even more worthwhile, but now that I have spilled the beans you can try out this beauty yourself in Sydney’s underground City of Lights - La La Land experience. Dare to discover if it fits your expectation? I’m glad I did!- Bon Appetit!

Hubert Restaurant and Wine Bar

Basement 15 Bligh Street, Sydney

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